Programme: Refresher Course

(This provisional programme is subject to change)

Thursday, 26 November 2015

07h00 - 08h00 Breakfast Session (Boston Scientific): What is the role of Uterine Artery Embolization in modern gynaecology? (Central 123) Dr Gary Sudwarts
08h50-09h00 Welcome Prof Lynette Denny
  Opening Session: GYNAECOLOGY (Central 123) Prof Alan Alperstein / Prof Silke Dyer
09h00-09h25 Why do women menstruate? Prof Johannes Evers
09h25-09h50 Pearls for success in laparoscopic hysterectomy Dr Pieter Kruger
09h50-10h15 Gender: Choices and changes Dr Stephen Jeffery
10h15-10h40 Female hypoactive sexual desire - does it exist? Dr Rosalind Boa
10h40-11h10 TEA  
  Session 2: OBSTETRICS (Central 123) Prof Zephne van der Spuy / Dr Leann Schoeman
11h10-11h35 Antenatal steroids after 34 weeks - a wise precaution or unnecessary risk? PRESENTATION Prof Philip Steer
11h35-12h00 Is normal vaginal delivery in private practice still a safe option? Prof Stephen Lindow
12h00-13h00 Dennis Davey Lecture: The 10 Commandments of Medical Research PRESENTATION Prof Bongani Mayosi
13h00-14h00 LUNCH  
14h00-17h00 WORKSHOPS:  
Tea break:
Hysteroscopy Masterclass (20 max)
(Queens 1)
Cutting-Edge Obstetrics (Central 1) Medico-legal Workshop (Central 2) Surgical complications (Central 3) Practical Encounters in Fertility Management (Queens 2)

17h00-onwards Afternoon / Evening Launch (Cocktail Function): LEADING SAFE CHOICES (Prof Lesley Regan)

Friday, 27 November 2015

07h00-08h00 Breakfast session (ROCHE): PROGNOSIS Study For Preeclampsia Prediction (Central 123)
Breakfast session (NuAngle): The Role of Mini-slings in Stress Incontinence Surgery (Queens 1)
Breakfast Session (Natmed) (Queens 2)
Prof John Anthony
Dr Etienne Henn/Dr Stephen Jeffery
  Session 3: GYNAECOLOGY (Central 123) Dr Nomonde Mbatani / Dr Mushi Matjila
08h30-08h55 Where does HPV DNA testing fit into day to day gynaecology practice? Prof Thomas Wright
08h55-09h20 New drugs in osteoporosis Dr Tobie de Villiers
09h20-09h45 What's new in Recurrent Miscarriage? : theories, tests and trials Prof Lesley Regan
09h45-10h10 Vault and uterine prolapse: how to diagnose and how to treat Dr Bruno Deval
10h10-10h35 Making sense of vulval disorders PRESENTATION Dr Katrien Dehaeck
10h35-11h05 TEA  
  Session 4: OBSTETRICS (Central 123) Dr Chantal Stewart / Dr Greg Petro
11h05-11h30 Fever during labour - do we take it seriously enough? PRESENTATION Prof Philip Steer
11h30-11h55 Preterm Labour - an evidenced based approach to prevention Prof Justin Konje
11h55-12h20 Management of HIV in pregnancy and postpartum Dr Rosie Burton
12h20-12h45 An update on the management of Placenta Accreta Prof Stephen Lindow
12h45-13h10 Preventing Maternal Mortality: The Latest Saving Mother's Report Prof Suzan Fawcus
13h10-14h00 LUNCH  
14h00-17h00 WORKSHOPS:  
Tea break:
Gynae-oncology Masterclass: colposcopy and Vulval disorders (Central 1) Gynaecology USS
(12 max)
(Queens 2)
Laparoscopic suturing (intro)
(20 max)
(Queens 1)
Challenges in Reproductive Medicine (Central 2) Challenges in Prenatal Diagnosis (Central 3)
17h15-18h15 Gynaecology Management Group (GMG) AGM
Draft Bill of Rights for Doctors (Central 2)
Dr Ron White
Prof Margaret Nair

Saturday, 28 November 2015

07h00-08h00 Breakfast session (Medi Challenge): Challenges in Preterm Birth (Central 123)
Breakfast Session (Natmed) (Queens 1)
Prof Lou Pistorius/Karin Norman
  Session 5: GYNAECOLOGY (Central 123) Dr Bruce Howard / Dr Malika Patel
08h30-09h00 Cutting edge advances in Gynae oncology PRESENTATION Prof Lynette Denny
09h00-09h25 What is the best way to screen for cervical cancer in 2015? Prof Thomas Wright
09h25-09h50 Evidence based treatment of endometriosis Prof Johannes Evers
09h50-10h25 Human rights and women's health in the 21st Century Prof Lesley Regan
10h35-11h05 TEA  
  Session 6: OBSTETRICS (Central 123) Prof Sue Fawcus / Dr Pete de Jong
11h05-11h30 Early screening for PET Prof Justin Konje
11h30-11h55 Ensuring the best outcomes for Preterm infants- how the Obstetric team can contribute? PRESENTATION Prof Michael Harrison
11h55-12h20 Modern Management of twin pregnancies PRESENTATION Prof Lou Pistorius
12h20-12h45 The Safe Passage Study: Ideal platform to study DOHaD Prof Hein Odendaal

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